Collections and reporting have
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The ToxAccess® website provides advanced reporting features and collection management options that allow you to quickly and efficiently complete lab test request forms–speed up and improve your drug testing process.

Engineered to support millions of drug and alcohol laboratory tests each year, the ToxAccess® website allows our clients to order tests and receive results from the laboratory more quickly and easily than ever. Our secure, web-based system helps you administer everyday collections and automates the reporting process so that results are at your fingertips as soon as they are ready.

Collection Management

An intelligent solution that accelerates data entry and the test ordering process, saving you time and money.

  • Decrease collection time and improve data accuracy
  • Eliminate handwritten laboratory test request forms
  • Intuitive step-by-step process ensures consistency in your program
  • Improve scheduling, tracking and communication between clients, collectors and donors
  • Track the location of shipped, pending or complete specimens

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Result Reporting

Web-Result Reporting provides a secure and complete solution for searching, managing and printing drug and alcohol test reports.

  • Comprehensive and easy to interpret drug and alcohol toxicology reports
  • Easily locate, view, print and save donor results
  • Access monthly reports, drug statistics, donor summaries, and more
  • Examine donor reports and save them securely within the system

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What customers say

“Collection Management has streamlined the process and substantially reduced the time to prepare the labels and paperwork,which is normally completed by hand.”—G Paulis
Regional Manager