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“Redwood Toxicology Laboratory’s chief toxicologist is easily accessible and has provided our legal and clinical team with expertise when needed. Thank you again for the excellent products and service you provide for us.”—Drug Court Coordinator

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About Redwood Toxicology

Confidence in drug testing.

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory (RTL) is committed to providing reliable, innovative and value-focused substance abuse screening products and lab services to the criminal justice and treatment markets. As one of the nation's largest drug and alcohol testing laboratories, RTL has the experience and resources to ensure that our clients are able to keep pace with new trends in drug abuse.

The benefits of partnering with us go beyond science. We are a financially stable, reputable organization that is unique in the industry, delivering breakthrough service options with a human touch.

Our Products, Our Solution.

Our laboratory testing methods and screening devices provide powerful, effective tools in identifying abuse, while supporting the recovery process. Nine million of our rapid, on-site Reditest® devices are sold each year. We currently provide drug testing services to more than 15,000 agencies across the United States, processing over 85,000 laboratory specimens each week, or over four million tests annually.

Additionally, our secure, user-friendly drug test management web portal gives our clients rapid and timely access to vital toxicology determinations.

As part of Alere's global family of trusted testing solutions, Redwood Toxicology Laboratory's primary mission is to provide industry-leading drug detection tools, with the ultimate goal of discouraging substance abuse.

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Between our laboratory drug test services and Reditest®, our on-site diagnostic screening product line, RTL offers multiple options to detect the following drugs of abuse:

Wide array of prescription and illicit drug test available
Alcohol Methadon
Amphetamine Methadone Metabolite
Barbiturates Methamphetamine
Benzodiazepines Opiates
Buprenorphine Oxycodone
Cocaine Phencyclidine
Cotinine/Nicotine Propoxyphene
Marijuana Tricyclic Antidepressants
MDMA (Ecstasy) EtG Alcohol Metabolite
Synethic Cannabinoids ("synthetic pot") Designer Stimulants ("bath salts")
Designer anabolic steroids Essential masking & anti-estrogen agents
Androgenic anabolic steroids Prohormones
GHB (gamma
hydroxybutric acid)
Detect 600+ Prescription Brands with Comprehensive Drug Testing. Covers a wide range of illicit and licit drugs including: Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, opiates/narcotics, sedative/hypnotic agents, and stimulants.

Certifications & Licenses

In maintaining the highest industry standards in our labs, we routinely submit to the rigorous processes of inspection, and successfully complete various proficiency tests and data audits.

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We are a company committed to pleasing our customers and are focused on continuous long-term growth. We strive to hire people with the same commitment.

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We are committed to providing the highest qualtity products, services and customer support. We do our very best to ensure your experience with RTL exceeds expectations.

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Here you will find the latest changes RTL has made to bring you the highest quality service you've come to expect.

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