Comprehensive Drug Testing


Most people take medications responsibly; however, an estimated 52 million people have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.1

RTL's Comprehensive Drug Test detects hundreds of brand name prescriptions, illicit drugs and alcohol. Our tests target a wide range of commonly abused prescriptions that are not detected by most
routine urine drug tests. Comprehensive testing is perfect when specific drug detection and monitoring are critical. Demand more from your drug test!

Features & Benefits

  • Detects hundreds of brand name prescription drugs, illicit drugs, and alcohol
  • Includes expanded list of opiates/narcotics
  • GC/MS and LC/MS/MS analysis provides confirmative evidence of use
  • Highly specific and sensitive—includes quantitative, semi- quantitative, or qualitative test result data
  • Qualified scientific team and committed support staff
  • Secure and reliable toxicology reporting
  • Limit workplace liability and employee costs
  • Ideal for nursing/physician workplace testing
  • Well-suited for treatment admittance and monitoring
  • Determine compliance of pain medication patient
  • Fast turn-around time from receipt of specimen (48 hours2 negative, 72 hours positive)

RTL utilizes the most sophisticated, sensitive, and specific equipment and technology available. Confirmations of all presumptive positive samples are performed from a separate urine aliquot. The Comprehensive Drug Test utilizes an optimal method of extraction and GC/MS and/or LC/MS/MS analysis for each individual drug.

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  1. Volkow ND. National Institute on Drug Abuse: Prescription Drugs—Abuse and Addiction [letter]. NIDA Research Report Series. Published October 2011. Accessed July 19, 2013.
  2. Excludes specimens received Saturday.

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