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Substance Abuse Screening Devices

Now you'll know. RTL's on-site Reditest® screening devices, in combination with its lab services, provides our clients with a comprehensive and convenient drug testing solution. Customer confidence in our products and services is our goal.

Discounted pricing on Reditest on-site devices is available to all lab clients. Call today for more information. Our useful and comprehensive on-site screening solutions are ideal for a variety of testing environments.

Rapid Urine Screening Devices

Select from the industry's widest variety of dip, cassette, and all-inclusive cup designs offered in multiple drug configurations. Our products are in vitro diagnostic device for U.S. market.

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Rapid Oral Fluid Screening Devices

Multiple oral fluid device options are available screening drugs of abuse. In a few simple steps, oral fluid screening results can be conveniently obtained.

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Alcohol Screening Devices

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory offers multiple devices to detect the level of alcohol in human saliva and breath. Our devices enable test administrators to identify and deter the risks associated with inappropriate alcohol consumption.

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Cotinine Screening

If you need to know someone's smoking status, our reliable cotinine test devices are for you. Results are laboratory accurate and the procedure is simple and fast. Results are available in minutes.

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Additional information is available in our Corporate Brochure. To download a PDF of our brochure, click here.

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What customers say

“RTL's customer service is fantastic. Their on-site products are reliable and the results from the lab are keeping our Juvenile Drug Court clients accountable. I am utterly satisfied with RTL.”—15th District Drug Court
Coordinator Louisiana