Specimen Collection

Collection site preparation


Requirements for specimen collection vary according to the purpose for which the results will be used. However, to meet evidentiary requirements the specimen collection site must be secure in order to eliminate the possibility of specimen tampering or adulteration and to ensure the security of the collected specimens.

Collection Area Guidelines:

  • Storage area for collection supplies and related materials is secure.
  • Collection site facility is secure, well lit, and free of any areas where adulterants or substitute specimens can be hidden.
  • A suitable clean surface for the collector to use as a work area.
  • Eliminate or secure all sources of water in the area where urination occurs. Bluing agent should be placed in the toilet tanks and bowls to prevent sample dilution.
  • Eliminate or secure all soap or detergent dispensers or any other potential adulterants.
  • A secured storage area should be available to ensure specimen security prior to transport to the laboratory.
  • A general log book should be maintained to record collected specimens.

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