Labeling & Shipping Information

Shipping procedure

packaging_03You can send a rapid on-site collection device (presumptive positives only), or you can send specimens collected using an appropriate urine or oral fluid collection container. To confirm dip or cassette format devices, please send only the collected specimen, and not the device.

Please follow the easy steps below to send your specimens to the lab.

For additional information on specimen labeling and shipping, visit Learning XChange.

Lab RTL-Oral fluid samples: After labeling and sealing the specimen tightly, place the transport tube into the original outer packaging provided with the collector device. Ensure baggie is sealed. Store in a secure area until the specimen is ready to be shipped to the laboratory.

Specimen Shipping Methods

Your account will be set up with one of the following specimen shipping methods:

lab_package5 or more specimens:
Please use the packaging materials and labels that are included with your lab supplies. Instructions for packing and shipping specimens will be enclosed with your supply shipment.

fewer_than_5Fewer than 5 specimens:
Please use the pre-paid U.S. mailer boxes. Do not mix oral fluid and urine specimens in the same postage-paid mailer box! Per U.S. Postal Service regulations, use the box provided specifically for each type of test as indicated on the pre-paid label.

Important Packaging Notice

un3373_mark Do not use supplies intended for other labs.
In particular, do not use supplies labeled UN3373 (example right). UN3373 supplies are intended for shipping Category "B" Infectious Substances. Improper use of this packaging may result in citation from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Leaky specimens may be returned to your agency by the shipping provider. If you require training on specimen collection and shipping procedures, please contact RTL's Toxicology Support Services department:

Supplies Shipping/Pickup

Please order supplies through RTL ONLY. Do not ask drivers for labels or bags since RTL provides its clients with custom supplies. The supplies have specialized routing information that drivers do not have access to. This information is also important for billing purposes. Request any supplies using the Supply Re-Order Form.

Shipping Pickups

If you need help with scheduling, please call RTL Customer Service at 800.255.2159, press option 1. Pickups may be scheduled directly with your shipping provider:

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