Statement on Forensic Use Products

Please take a moment to read our Forensic Use Only Statement about rapid screening devices.

Screening Devices Resources

On-Site testing device information

RTL's objective is to provide its clients with all the tools possible to help deter and prevent drug abuse. Reliable and useful on-site screening device resources are essential to this objective. Please review our comprehenisve list of Reditest screening devices resources below.

Frequently Asked Questions
Rapid urine drug screening FAQ's

Product Training & Certification
In-depth and interactive device training procedures ensure you and your agency perform effective drug screens in a manner consistent with manufacturer recommendations. Once you've completed the device training, take a quiz to test your knowledge of a specific device. If you pass, you'll receive a Product Training Certificate.
Training Procedures
Certification Quizes

Preliminary Result Forms
The Rapid Drug Screen form is available in an updated branding. Link below:
Rapid Drug Screen - Preliminary Test Result Formpdf_icon_16

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