Redwood Toxicology Laboratory Announces Re-brand of drugs of abuse product line; now operates under one corporate name

SANTA ROSA, California, August 14, 2007 - Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Inc. (RTL) today announced the re-brand of its on-site screening devices to deliver broader consistency between its laboratory services and products. Additionally, RTL's services and products will now be provided under the Redwood Toxicology Laboratory name. The re-brand will not affect service or product availability, functionality, reliability or features.

Reditest® is the new, trademarked name for RTL's device products. Formerly, they were sold under the Redwood Biotech name. This wide-ranging, popular product line is composed of the following: Reditest® RediCup®, Reditest® Panel-Dip, Reditest® On-Site Oral, Reditest® Alcohol Saliva, Reditest® 6 Cassette (CLIA waived), Reditest® Alcohol Breath and Reditest® Smoke Cassette (Cotinine).

"This re-brand shows RTL's commitment to providing its laboratory services and on-site screening devices under one company name," said Albert Berger, President. "By re-branding our device product line as Reditest®, our clients now have a consistent and convenient reference when contacting us."

RTL now operates under one integrated company name. With the combination of lab services and on-site drug and alcohol screening devices, RTL offers a complete drug testing program. Services include drugs of abuse urine and oral fluid testing, ethyl glucuronide (EtG) testing and steroid testing. RTL delivers confidence in testing. RTL's services and products will help customers "find out".

For more information on RTL, and its drug testing services and Reditest® products, please visit

Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, Redwood Toxicology Laboratory is a leading provider of drugs of abuse lab testing services and on-site screening devices for the correctional, rehabilitation and point-of-care markets. RTL is the largest single-location toxicology laboratory in the United States.

Contact Information: Suzanne Bertolucci, 800-255-2159 ext. 4369